Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keep coming back....

When I following links on Pinterest or find links off of other blogs, SO many times they lead me back to THIS SITE.  I LOVE IT!  I want to paint everything in my house turquoise.  I wouldn't mind having any room on the whole entire site. I've been going here for years and stealing ideas and inspiration. I LOVE this site for home decorating.

I just found 2 new sites that I LOVE for quilting.  And yes, I'm back to quilting thanks to my lovely husband getting me an awesome machine on craigslist. I felt useless for the last year w/o a sewing machine.  He bought me the Bernina 830.  Super old machine, but super amazing and unbreakable.  My mom and my favorite quilter both use it and have for years.  I can't wait!  Here are the sites
Here and  Here.

For food, here are my favorite sites.  I love this one and have used it for years just because it has the "ingredients" tab so I can put what I DO want to use and what I DON"T want to use. I have always agreed with the ratings too. MOst recipes have hundreds if not thousands of ratings too.    When I'm doing well on WW  THIS is my go to site.  I've loved everything I've tried off of here.  When I don't care what I'm eating THIS is my favorite.  And when we're doing SUPER well on eating clean, THIS is where we go.

Just thought I'd share these and be sure to put them on here so I'll always have them.


j&krosser said...

I have been trying to convince Jaden to paint our piano turquoise. Maybe this summer. And lucky to have a Bernina! Now that you have a Bernina and a Bosch you are more of my mom's child than I am :)

Kristal said...

YES! I know, my mom and my sisters have bernina's. So glad I got mine! And YES, I've wanted to paint ours turquoise for 2 years now, but now that I have time and piano, it's up in my parents storage. ugh! Someday...someday.