Friday, February 3, 2012


So, I don't mind parties that are about me. I'll be honest. I know everyone always says, "I hate having birthday parties" or "I don't like parties that are about me".  Well, I do...but I don't like surprise ones when I'm over 200 pounds...which obviously, I am!   
These pictures make me super happy and super super depressed. I LOVE everyone that came and I love going to girls nights.  But when I saw my face and chins and old eyes and huge saggy boobs in these pictures, I mostly starred for a good half hour and cried.  UGH!  Here I am again...the beginning of the hard road back to normal size and through nursing...the hardest part of having a kid for me.  ugh!  But it was a great night and I had tons of fun and got SO many adorable ruffley outfits for Stella.  I'm so glad I have so many awesome friends with super cute taste...not to mention all the hand made shiz.  Come on Ashley, Dani and Lanae!   So cute!

 Kam got to sneak into the big girl's night.  She was a gem.  Started out the night by dishing dirt on her dad, but ended the night asleep on my lap.  Love her!
 She kinda started to get excited for a baby girl when she saw the cupcake outfit.
 The awesome Gutt girls that threw the shindig.  Looking as 20 as ever.
Some of the most fantastic girls from the new ward (I'm counting you two Pam and know where you  belong)

 Ever buddy. 
 Um, Trish brought her amazingly adorable Archer.  I want one!!!!!

 And yes, this is the reason Kam and I eat at Chili' velvet molten lava baby!

 BETHANY!!!!!   I hate hate this picture mostly cause I look horrendous, but I love it cause I love her and miss her little tiny (seriously tiny) guts! Um, and my favorite hair EVER (hers...defaintely not mine!)
 Ahh, and my girls that do a fine job at making me feel less 30's.
It was a fantastic night, motivational, fun, and now I feel ready to get this kid OUT!!!!!!


RACHAEL said...

yay!!! that looks fun. :) don't be so hard on yourself, you are still gorgeous. soo excited to see this precious new little mulder. <3

RACHAEL said...

ps- i'm trying to write all about the trials and heartache and greatness of breastfeeding of my blog, so if you ever need some motivation or want to talk about it, go there :)

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you look fabulous, you are always way too hard on yourself, but come on girl, you are about to have a baby and you look gorgeous!