Wednesday, February 8, 2012

just a little more...

Figured I'd share what each kid has been up to.  

Pearcen...HUGEST news of the house...potty trained.  The dude comes in about once an hour and says, "pee pee" or "poop" or "potty" and bam, he goes.  It's awesome.  Our older 3 all trained at 3 and a half years, so to have one train at 2 and a few months is so cute.  The little tiny bummy in the undies is everyone's favorite around here.

Boston...he mostly tells us how tired school makes him. I have him home today for the 2nd day in a row.  It's kindergarten.  It's fine.  He spends his days making Pearcen happy, not putting his clothes away, and saying hilarious sweet things to everyone.

Kamryn...she had her big music program last night...which sadly I had to watch on the phone since BOston was already asleep.  But she did AWESOME.  She has such talent in music and dance. I love it.  All she's been talking about the last couple of weeks are the butterflies/larvas that her class has had in the classroom.  They released the butterflies into the wild yesterday though, so we'll probably  move on to the next subject soon.  She did the sweetest thing this morning though....she had $54 at Target from a Christmas gift that she took back.  She's been saving it and saving it, waiting till she finds something awesome.  Jaden has been looking for a pogo stick at yard sales for the last month and has had no luck...or on craigslist.  So he decided to start saving....but Kam went ahead and ordered him one today.  SO SWEET, especially since for the last 2 days they have spent at least 2 hours a day out back together learning to work together because they've been so mean to each other.  They surprise me all the time.

Jaden....he's been of coarse on a mad hunt for a pogo stick.  But other than that, he's getting ready to start soccer, which he LOVES and is so good at.  He's perfected his moonwalk...which I have to say is SUPER impressive....almost Michael Jackson lie.  He spends most of his time outside.  He's never liked TV much, but he LVOES his new rip rider, LOVES Boston's power wheels, and LOVES his bike that he bought from Jase.    Yesterday however he spent a good hour out back alone kicking the football....he claims football is dumb, but I think he's got some friends that are slowly changing his mind.  He's an awesome kid and it's so great to finally have one at the age of realizing it's easier to just CLEAN your room the first time, rather than shove stuff in the closet, behind the dressser or behind the door, then pick them up when mom is mad.  It's awesome!

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