Monday, February 27, 2012

Phoenix Zoo

Last week we FINALLY used our free zoo passes that we've had for about 3 years.  Aunt Elissa and Uncle Justin were in town so we asked them to come with us.  The weather was perfect, but the animals were boring.  Most of them were asleep or the exhibits were closed.  But we did catch a zoo lady with a hedgehog.  It was really cool, but we couldn't touch it.
 Um, a cute little head popped into my view for this shot.
 And then that cute littel head tried to fit into this tiger's mouth.
 Boston was also the star student last week, so we got to take Freedom Bear everywhere with us.  Even into the petting zoo to pet the goats.
 Pearcen could have stayed in there all day with his little hand brush.  HE LOVED IT!!!! Almost as much as Kamryn, who I failed to get a picture of.  She's an animal freak!
 I felt this kangaroo's pain all day being 9 months pg.
 They kids LOVED getting to hang out with Justy and Lissy, wish we could do it more often.

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Elissa said...

:) fun day. we should be closer. just seems right.