Friday, June 20, 2008

A leetle late, aww well.

You all already know I have the best dad ever, but I figuerd with Father's day and all, I'd remind you. I have LOVED living here by my parents. I love every morning when my dad walks by the house and comes to check the chickens and say hi to the kids. Every morning when they see him, they scream, "grandpa's walking!". He's their favorite grandpa ever! I don't know why it put that weird thing on his glasses, I even rescanned a few times, but couldn't get it off, but I LOVE this can tell by the way he's looking at me that I'm his favorite too. (just kidding Von), but seriously.
One of my favorite traits I got from my dad is a HUGE love for animals. I'm not talking about loving to pet them, and be around them, but just the way we feel about cruelty to animals. It kills me to see the animals that get abused, or hit on the road, or even hunting....but don't get me started there (or my dad for that matter....he talked on it in church a couple of months ago...yikes!)
And how awesome is it that my fifty something year old dad rode this REALLY scary ride with me in vegas about 10x!? It's way worse than the stratosphere or the superman at 6flags. Um, and yes, I'm throwing a peace sign, cut me some slack it was 12 years ago!
And my very favorite thing about my dad (it changes all the time) is his humor! I love talking to him and hearing what he has to say about things. He's really REALLY smart, but plays it off by throwing in jokes about things, but he really knows everything about EVERYTHING....pretty much. He's been a great example to me and I'll never regret chosing him to be my dad!
Which brings me to my next "never regret"....Jasey baby! Let's start with hot....

And move on to one of the top 2 greatest dad's ever. He is seriously so great with the kids. He loves to spend all of his free time playing with them....usually outdoors, which is good, because I'm not what you call and "outdoorsy" type of gal. (please ignore the gross, "I just delivered an 11 pound baby naturally" look on my face in this pic)
He never had a dad or a grandpa around to be an example of how a dad should be, but somehow, through the examples of his uncles, our brother in laws, and of coarse my awesome dad, he has becoming the funnest, most caring dad. The kids love dad...a litttle too much...B called everyone dad for a while...he's finally saying mom...calling HIMSELF mom!...blah!
Another thing that amazes, and yes, I'll admit it, shocked me, is that Jase stuck with schooling for 5 years of our marriage. since before we got married he said he would never go back to school, so when he decided to I figured he'd be like most guys and try it for a semester and then come up with an alternative plan, but the dude stuck it out...and amazingly never got lower than a B. He tricked us all with those D's in HS. Good one.
But I LOVED that even when he was working his butt of with 35+ credits a semester, he somehow found more time than most to play with his family. He has always known what is most important, which is SUCH a blessing because as many of you know (buckle jeans) I lose perspective quickly. Check out the shag here! I miss it!!!
Another thing I love about Jase, but complain about all the time...he can not be normal for a camera. He either does the zoolander look, which I can tell he thinks is sexy, or he pulls one of these....
Mom: J, what's your favorite thing about daddy?
J: That he likes to go on bike rides an dhe likes to eat a lot with us.
Mom: What's the coolest thing about daddy?
J: He's cool that he works.
Mom: K, what's your favorite thing about daddy?
K: Um, Um, he likes lunch.
Mom: what else?
K: When he's at work he's awesome!
Mom: what's the coolest thing about daddy?
K: Um, heeee, um, heeee, he helps me clean, um and he plays with me.
Love you J, hopefully the next 5 kids love you as much as these first 3 (ha ha!)


Staci said...

Okay, that was really sweet. Way to work me into tears. You have two very amazing Father's in your family! Way to go Jason!! We think you are great too!!

Tamee said...

Love the chickens. Garrett can't wait to pick on up. Kam will have to teach him.