Wednesday, June 25, 2008

5 things

1. cars, I couldn't imagine being a pioneer and walking everywhere. We walked 3 or 4 miles yesterday and I have freaking chin splints today! And I hate horses, so I woudl have to walk everywhere! I love cars! (hate gas)

2. little boys. I love my boys! They are both so sweet, even though B is definately showing that he knows how to make messes. They both love to hug and cuddle.

3. my little girl. Lately she has the longest story for every single thing that we talk about, and I love her bargaining ability to get whatever sugary or cheesy snack she wants (even though she never wins...unless it's grandpa)

4. arms and legs. Werid I know, but where would I be w/o them! J was using his feet to put a fork in the sink and he didn't think he needed arms anymore. Just made me grateful that we do have them, cause that'd be gross

5. Contacts. I'm the blindest person EVER! I have to wear hard contacts, which I hate, especially during the windy season, that thankfully is over, but I'm so glad I can see. Those few seconds between my glasses and contacts everyday are a TOTAL blur. Thank you Mr. Contact Maker

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