Sunday, June 22, 2008


It's Jase's bro, Justin's, birthday! The kids LOVE Uncle Justy and Aunt Lissy. Sadly, they just moved a couple of weeks ago from Taylor to Thatcher. We miss them! I have LOVED watching Justy these past 8 years. I remember when I first came into the Mulder family he was the quite akward boy that was always nice to everyone and didn't have a whole lot of confidence even though he was a cutie. Then came the mission. We were so excited for his mission. We even got to go visit him in Ok. And right after he got off of his mission he was in the usual, "I need to find a righteous woman to take to the temple" EA, he quickly snapped out of that mode and moved into the "I'm really popular and the righteous women are flocking around me" mode. And stayed in that mode for a while and got snatched up by Lissy! He did good. I can't wait to see their cute tall babies...HAVE SOME!
Happy Birthday Justy! Let Gramcicle take you to dinner!

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