Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 things....

1. Being American. I go back and forth on the imigrant situation just because that could have just as easily been me born in Mexico wanting to come here and it makes me sad. I'm so glad I was blessed to be born here.

2. My sisters. Seems like everyday I get a couple of phone calls or e mails from them. They're awesome. I used to feel like they had to make themselves include me and keep in touch with me since I'm so far behind, but now I know they want to include me because I'm awesome! Just kidding, because I'm a Hatch girl too, another blessing.

3. babysitters. It was nice to go grocery shopping last night w/o the kids, and I wasn't annoyed by them anymore when I got back home!

4 My Camera. I have been dying to do shoots with my kids since it's been so long, I love having something to look forward to, hopefully tonight!

5. not being lactose intollerant! I couldn't live w/o ice cream, cheese adn milk. I hardly eat any of them, but knowing that I can have them....nice!

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