Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pining to Pin

Things I don't like right now:

When I pin something and by the next day it says that 54 other people have repined it.  Ugh, I don't want the exact same thing in my house as 54 of my friends!

Not pinning something for that exact reason, and then losing it somewhere in cyber space...double ugh!

When something you made a year or 2 ago is being pinned, and will now be all over everyone else's house.

Pinning delicious fall recipes...and then EATING THEM ALL UP!

Things I do like right now:

Having Danica to actually MAKE things we pin together

Pinning...I'll admit it..I love it! I love trying to do at least one thing from my boards a day now that I'm facebookless (yup, it's a new word, and I hope more people learn/do it!)

Looking through people's pins to figure out what to get them for Christmas/birthday.  Takes all the annoying guesswork out of holiday shopping.

Thanks Pinterest, and no thanks Pinterest.


Jamie Y. said...

Amen! And to add to your "not like" list...when you actually come up with an idea on your own and everyone assumes you got it off pinterest! Love your idea of searching their boards for Christmas gift ideas.

Jamie Y. said...

PS-can I tell you that I love being blogging buddies with you :) I feel like we're the last soul survivors in the blogging world! See you on Friday, right??

Raysha said...

You do know that you can create secret boards on pinterest now, right?? Then you can pin things there and have the illusion that no one else is going to have it!!

LuAnne said...

Its true. They have secret boards now! Yay!!!

Kristal said...


Raysha said...

When you go to your board page, scroll to the bottom and there should be a box that says Create a Secret Board.....or something like that. I haven't done it on my desktop, just on my pinterest app on my kindle so I'm not sure if its the same on both or not.

Kristal said...


Tia said...

yah just started secret pinning but ive been doing it for awhile if you just "like it" then people can't see what you repin unless they go into your likes which no one does unless their weird. Anyway i used to pin random logos of the pages i wanted to pin things i didn't want people to see to kinda diguise my pins but now i don't have to secret boards and they are locked yay!!

Dr. Mulder said...

Tia, the problem with you doing a secret board is, that you really will make the awesome stuff, then we'll all spot it in a picture on your blog and copy...I've been doing that for years too!. :)