Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Family pIcnic

This last weekend my parents were in town so we decided to have a picnic at the park, that quickly turned into a picnic at the Gutts since it was so cold. Baby Bib was all ready for the cold, but liked chilling inside being held by Aunt Paula
 And these boys. I just love them.  Poor Stratton is the victim of a 3 year old that is learning power over little ones, so yesterday he did get drenched by our fountain water.  But most of the time, they play nicely....

 Same deal with these guys....sometimes Boston falls victim to an all powerful 10 year old, but for the most part, they play well, well, they play rough, but get a long...I guess. I still don't understand boys.
 Pearcen wanted to grab a shot with Vivian....Vivian, did not.
 Unless there was lots and lots of entertainment behind the photographer...which yes, there was.

I wish we had to have family picnics every weekend!  My kids just love their cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. I do too!

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