Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More anxiety

About 2 weeks ago I had a very close friend post an article about, "if you vote for Romney, defriend me" on Facebook.  He is a gay friend, and a friend I've had since I was a little girl.   I had to come clean and let him know that I did vote for Romeny (early ballot). To which a few of his friends attacked me, and I moved on.  However, he private messaged me saying that this is about civil rights for him, and it's JUST POLITICS AND POLICIES FOR ME.  Obviously, my dear friend does not have kids.  I feel like the second I had my first baby 11 years ago, EVERYTHING is about them.  Every decision I make, I think first how it will effect the future of my kids.  Trust me friend, it's more than politics and policies to me too!
Last night was a rough night.  I woke up every other hour with panicking thoughts, "what are we going to do?", "what's the point it trying to make more money?"  "why not just go apply for food stamps and have Jase stay home from work more?"  But we still need to teach our kids good work ethic, teach them how to be economically wise, and teach them the American heritage, and pray, pray, pray that America snaps out of it after another 4 years. What's left of America.

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Tamee said...

I had that same experience the night Bill Clinton was elected. I remember being up all night, calling Dad to discuss my frustration. I really that our country was near the end. But we made it through, and we make it through Obama for anther four year. We may be in a depression by then, so get you year supple and $ supply ready.

I miss messaging you. What can we so?

ps Your hair is really long.