Friday, November 2, 2012

Good idea, right?

so, I'm done with Facebook.  I am pumped and ready for my projects...also, I'm feeling a bit naked.  I feel like I need to go check FB!  I got one last check this morning, but now it's gone.  ahh!

So, what am I doing with my extra time?  Let me show you the 10 kabillion windows I have open.  First week have :

Polar Express Hot Cocoa

yup, just a blog with a  recipe for the world's most fattening, delicious, beautiful hot cocoa. I think this will be FHE on the trampoline treat on Monday.

Next we have ebay auction. I'm contemplating spending $70 (after shipping) on THIS dress.  I know, it's a lot, but i haven't bought a new dress for 2 years other than a $10 maternity one.  Plus it's for pictures.  Contemplating...we'll see.
 and always, country style blogs. I'm ready to go all white.  I was about half way there a couple of years ago then got caught up in color.  But I'm so ready for white again....
 Ordering this today. I think maybe if I have an ice cream sandwich with me at all times (yea, it's just my phone, but think psychologically)  I'll crave a real one less right?

 and stinking Pinterest and it's "how to clean stainless steel"...we'll see.
and yea, this girl is BEAUTIFUL, but I really like her tutorials on make up, and since I'm not good at make up anymore, I'm trying to relearn before pictures....with her help.
   and yea, Pinterest lead me to this girls blog on fitness...I'll be looking like this in no time. haha.NOT!
 And at new favorite photographer.....just looking up ideas for our shoot next week. I can't believe it's next week.  3 months ago I said I would lose 20 pounds before the shoot...didn't do it...I did however lose 5.  haha.  I'm a loser this year.  2013 is my year!
And then one more ebay window because I'm selling stuff too.

So yea, those are the things I'll be working on today.  Along with sanding my dollhouse...finally bought sand paper yesterday.  Can't wait to get that project done!!!!


Tamee said...

I love all your goals. I'm with you all the way! Can we still message, even if you don't facebook??

Kristal said...

We can message on texts....or um, we talk on the phone a few times a week. haha. And yea sister, keep me motivated! When you tell me you're losing weight, I do better! Let's do this muther!