Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Bibby...8 months

I can NOT believe she's already 8 months! She's growing SO FAST!  She's cutting her first little tooth, and scooting all over the place tasting everything that anyone drops on the ground.    I decided to snap a few pictures of her in her new yard sale outfit and new yard sale bumbo.  And yea, Jase is against gumbos, but he said I can put her in it to feed her. 
 This is her tooth cutting face....
 She has been sleepy all day but won't sleep.  It's sad.  She's got boogers, and other teething symptoms.  Makes me sad.
 She's seriously the sweetest little baby ever!
 Everyone makes fun of her little curl in's not curly today, but you can see the chunk of hair right on the back of the top of her head.  I love it.
 And of coarse this guy wants in the picture.  He's either extremely nice, hugging and kissing, or els he's stepping on her face and dropping cars on her belly.  Makes me nervous.

 Um, kinda perfect!

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Alona said...

She really is so cute! Can't wait to see her in real life!