Friday, December 30, 2011

more sledding and the Polar Express....

The next day right after our huge, huge breakfast, in which Boston made the world's biggest double decker breakfast sandwich, then realized it wouldn't fit in his mouth so he said to Jase, "I made dis for you!", the kids wanted to go out and sled some more.  Someone made a pretty cute little igloo in our hotel play area.
 Jase sent the boys down first, Pearce LOVED IT!!!!!

But he was ok with just going the one time and then playing with stuff after that.

 And then it was Kam's turn. I LOVE her face on this one!!!

 That night we todl the kids we were going to go look at lights in Williams, then we told them we thought we'd check out the old trains at the train station....then finally when we got in line for tickets, they realized we were at the Polar Express.  They were all super excited.
 Pearce and Kam waving good bye to the people waiting for the next train.
 First off we got our tickets punched by the conductor...
 ugh, I hate when you think you look decent one night then you see a picture.
 Pearce was loving everything...he kept playing peekaboo during the down time on the train.

 Then FINALLY  we got to the north pole!!!!
 and picked up a certain someone
 Pearce LOVED Santa and getting his own bell and EVERYTHING!!!!


Shawna said...

I just caught up on your last few posts. You're awesome! I love that you guys did something different for Christmas. And...your kids are freaking adorable.

Melissa Fullmer said...

look at you all cute and pregnant! you are such a good blogger

Tamee said...

Everything about that trip looked fun. It makes me want to be there. We haven't had snow yet and the kids are dying. We're all grad that Jayden got himself off the naught list in time for Christmas. Sister you look cute preagnant. Pearcen is getting so BIG.

AudyCamp said...

LOVE the Polar Express...I've been wanting to do that the past couple years & we haven't been able to ...a MUST DO next year. Your baby is so old what the heck!!