Sunday, December 11, 2011

2 becomes 7....

I just fell upon this picture...this horrible, horrible, disgusting picture.   half of it is cute...ok, more like 1/3 of it is cute...the other 2/3s...ME, is HORRIBLE!~  Why would anyone let me do that hair cut with that shirt with that body?? why??? ugh!  Ok, well, the tiny Jase and tiny Jaden are adorable!  Christmas #2....Christmas #1 was just a newborn picture of our 2 day old Jado, don't feel like scanning, just imagine an adorable Santa baby.
 And yea, year 3 I don't wanna scan either, even though I had my favorite hair ever and the cutest little monkey baby girl.  So let's move along to Christmas 4, the two cutest chubbiest babies ever!  Jaden was 3 and Kam was a year and a half.

 ok, so yea, I'm missing every other year, but you get the drift of it.  This was our serious model look pic.  haha!  It makes me crack up  every time I see it...especially that adorable little boston face.
 Ahhh, back to happy and Holbrook.  Jaden is 5, Kam is 3 and a half and Boss is 1.  I was 27, Jase, 29.

 ah, no year missed, but this isn't the one we used for the cards, don't know where it went.  Looks like we had some grouchy ones this year.  But ha, a happy jaden.
 Last year, my favorite family pic of all! (so far) happiness all over, a fat, bald, round baby, and I didn't take up half of the pic!  I love it!  Most stressful 20 minutes of my life during that shoot, but favorite pictures ever!!!
 And this year.  Already gaining baby weight (at 8 weeks), and a baby that has a swollen face, but I love the older 3 kid's clothes.  And their cute little faces!  some of our cards this year have this one, and some have....
 This one, taken 3 weeks ago up the road....sadly I wasn't thinking and put J in black and me in white.  ugh!  Cute kids though!
Can't wait to add one more to these pics for next year's pics!!!!!

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Elissa said...

just love you guys! super cute pictures, cant wait to get our this year! see you in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!