Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011!!!!

Christmas morning was great.  nothing too crazy, although it did start at 3:30 with Jaden whispering loudly, "it's Christmas!"  Until one by one, we were all awake.  So we put them all in the bathroom so they could come out youngest to oldest as always.  Some sweet family bought a toy for each of the kids and boston LOVES his race does Pearcen...probably just because Boston was by it and he does whatever his brothers do.

 And Jaden was given a really cool R/C car which happened to be on his list of 4 things!
 Jase and Kam played with Jaden's Bey Blade arena....
 And sweet Pearce got a snowglobe  (free door prize on black friday at JC Penny) in his stocking and loved it!! Loved it so much he slammed it against the wall and broke it, but here is a sweet moment before that....

 After the kids played with their toys for a bit everyone bundled up and headed outside.  We didn't get any fresh snow while we were there, but there was plenty to play and sled in.  Pearce was nervous about it all the first day so he stayed RIGHT by his 2nd mommy Kamryn.
 Jaden was SO ready to play in the snow.  I'm just so glad that their snow clothes have fit them for 3 years in a row now.  They are both wearing size 10, but their snow pants are both size 6.  haha

 We went across the street to a froze over pond and found lots of geese...that Kam chased away.
 Of coarse Boston found someone else's snowman remains and tried to build his own....for about 45 seconds.  h

 This is just my good looking husband keeping kam and pearce away from the pond even though he himself had a hard time not getting on the ice....even with signs all over saying "caution thin ice"
 My sweet little Kam
 and ever handsome Jaden.
 They decided to make snow angels, and so of coarse, boston wanted to join in.....don't think he quiet understood how it worked....
 And pearce just ate snow everywhere we went.  I can't  imagine the junk he got down with it.
 Ah, this is my favorite picture of the entire trip!  I LOVE these guys!!!
 Ok, this is a favorite too!  Weirdee!!!!

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AudyCamp said...

That is a Kristal face if I've ever seen one!! ...shes adorable. Looks like a fun time!