Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I love having a bosch.  Jase paid for most of my Bosch for my birthday present this year.  I sold my kitchen aide about 3 years ago at a yard sale for $100 and it was supposed to go towards the purchase of a Bosch, but of coarse, never did.  And 3 years later, I got one!  and I love it!  I use it a few times a week!!!

And of coarse everyone LOVES their Elf on a Shelf.  WE got the dark skinned one...he's half arab...fits right in.  He's pretty tricky.  He's cute today....found himself in our big glass jar of beans, just peeking through.  
 I LOOOVE doing puzzles with my Pearce.  He loves to hug and kiss and cuddle and everything awesome right now.  I gave him a bowl of cereal this morning at 5.  We ewre the only 2 awake, and as soon as I handed it to him, he sat it down and hugged and kissed my leg. I LOVE his guts!   But his favorite thing right now is the wooden knobbed puzzles that all of my kids have had a loving phase with.   I think we bought them at some home party when Jaden and Kamryn were 2 and 3 and they've all loved them, and I believe there is only one piece missing from all 5 puzzles.  Not too bad.
I love martinelli's.  I drink a bottle by myself every week.  I must stop, but Stella craves it!

 I really love having a keyboard w/a cord. I remember when we first got our computer I thought it was so cool to not have cords, then a month later realized I'll be changing and charging batteries every month.   We switched it last week, but I haven't fully appreciated it until today when I had to go 3 hours w/o a mouse because I had to charge the batteries and couldn't find any others.  ha!  I do like having a wireless mouse though, the wire always got in the way there.

I LOVE my poinsettia.  Jase has gotten me a huge Sam's club poinsettia for the last couple of years for our anniversary and I love that it lasts more than a month and is huge and beautiful and festive and easy to keep alive. I love it!
I love baking.  We've baked everything this year.  Sugar cookies, caramels, caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels, cake balls, lemon crinkles, lots and lots of rice crispy treats, molasses cookies a few times, and I'm sure there are a few  I'm forgetting. I bake something every couple of days. I love it.  Don't love my weight for it, but I love December baking!

I love SO LOVE, the blessings of tithing.  We've been receiving payments for things that have been owed for a long time, nothing big, but Jase asked the bishop what exactly we pay tithing on, and of coarse, he said to pray about it and figure it out.  So Jase did and felt he needed to pay on EVERYTHING, which is so hard at this time in our lives when we don't own a car, don't own anything of any worth (other than my lens which I'm selling...anyone?), and have to start paying people back this coming year from the investments of the roadside business.  But he paid it on Sunday and already we've seen HUGE blessings.  HUGE!  Seriously miraculous ones too.  Which is awesome, since last week was the worst week EVER!

I just wrote on someone's FB wall about how great it is to put your focus 100% of Christ's life this time of year.  We've always touched on it every Monday and Sunday and a couple of times throughout the weeks in December, but the last couple of weeks, we've tried to read a story about Christ, or about giving, or about being grateful every night and I really feel like Kam and Jaden are feeling the spirit more than usual.  And they're wanting to give instead of constantly talking about what they want.

I LOVE the true spirit and feeling of Christmas!!!!

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Heidi said...

I love your December baking too. :)