Thursday, December 29, 2011


Last week was Jaden's 10th birthday.  TEN YEARS OLD!  That's huge.  That's double digits....a decade....entering the tweens, ugh!  ugh!  ugh!
Luckily this one is awesome.  He does show mild signs of tweeniness attitude, but it's very mild.  Since he does his friends party in April, we did a cousins party (probably the same crowd that will be at the party in April) on his birthday.  They all were out of school and Jaden just wanted to go to the dollar theater, eat pizza and play.  So we did.   
 I took all 7 to the dollar theater, then back to the Bollwinkles for some pizza and play time at the park.  These kids are all awesome!  I love em!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these little cousin!  I wish the Jones's  could have been here, especially Garrett, but I love that they all get along so great.
 Group Hug!!!!!

alright, top 10 for my 10 year old.

10. I love that you love your brothers so much.  And most of the time, I'm glad they copy whatever you do.

9.  I love that you are the world's healthiest kid eater.  When we all went crazy at the hotel smorgasbord of a breakfast, every morning you just had either biscuits and gravy (one) or a bowl of yogurt.  And you know to just have one candy a day.  You're awesome!

8. I love that EVERY year you ask for a huge huge hershey's bar for your stocking...and it lasts you weeks.

7. I love that you're not a tv kid.  That you LOVE to be outside, weather it's to play ball, hike, camp, ride your bike, or just go on a walk, you LOVE to not be sitting on the couch.

6. I love that you've always been a friend for Kam.  Although you guys probably fight as much as you play nicely, you guys get so bored w/o each other, and always have.    I hope it's always like that.

5. I love that the first thing you wanted to download to your Nook was the book of Mormon.  

4. I love that Scouts is your favorite part of the week.  You've made so many cool projects and done so many cool activities and have such awesome friends in scouts.

3. I love your awesome hair.  I really wanna see you with a nice short cut again, but I do understand, the awesome light brown hair with perfect shiny natural highlights and the flick of the head swoop, it's yo thang!  Love it!

2.  I love how emotional you are.  Used to drive me a bit crazy, but now I know it's because you care.  and I LOVE that you care.  I love that you show/tell me how you feel and that you know what it feels like to love and to be loved and to hurt and to be hurt and that you know it's better to love.

1. I LOVE LOVE that you LOVE ME!  I love that you love your mom.  I feel like we've always had a mom son bond and I hope we always do. I love that you'll cuddle with me on the couch on Sundays and that you'll wear the soft pajamas to lure me in.  I love that you ask what's wrong when I have a crappy day.  I love that you hug me!!!! I LOVE YOU JADEN ROSS!!!!!!!

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scooping it up said...

cannot believe you have a ten year old. wow! happy birthday Jado.