Monday, December 5, 2011

little getaway

For our anniversary Jase took me to the Valley Ho hotel in Scottsdale.  It was a very hip hotel.  Lots of holiday parties going on in the lounges and at the restaurants there.   I'm 100% sure we were the poorest there.  ha!  The room was awesome.  Looked like I designed it, well, other than the artwork, blah!  ha!

 We had dinner at the hotel restaurant cause I was tired and lazy then the next morning we checked out at 7 and went to an awesome farmer's market where we got some herbs to plant in our garden and some local honey.  Then we walked over to a place called the orange table or something and had breakfast, then to the movies.  After the movies we went and got a pedicure.  My 2nd pedicure in TWO YEARS!  I loved it!  Jase got one too, and I was just kidding around, but he did it...he painted his nails green.  They both look way better in person...they're sparkly.....
But his gross me out so I had to take a picture so he could take it off.  blah!  It was a great little getaway....missed the kids a bunch, but already ready for another getaway!

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Elissa said...

ooh, that place looks wonderful! glad you had a good time. happy 11 years!!!!!!!!!!!