Thursday, August 20, 2009

We decided to stop at Montery Bay Aquarium. We loved it on our honeymoon, but not so much this go round. I think it's probalby because we just went to Sea World and the seals weren't even out at Montery Bay. But on our walk to the aquarium, Kam found her heaven.... Oh, and this was the day after I believe. My picturse are all mumbled and not in order because of the disk recovery thingy. But this was a beach where there were TONS AND TONS of the kite surfers. It was crazy how close they would surf and not get tangled.
At the aquarium, they had these underwater squirt gun things that really weren't THAT amazing, but the kids all waited forever for a turn.

Ah, a cheesy picture op. Sorry kids.
Anyway, it was ok fun, there were some pretty huge indoor tanks and stuff, but we learned our lesson, never go to sea world and then another aquarium in the same week.

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