Friday, August 28, 2009

The last of the reunion....

Alright, so these are the last shots that I have from the Mulder Family Reunion. I'm excited for the next one when I'll hopefully not be pregnant, or at least SO pregnant.
This is just a random shot of Jado with his camping hair. I love it! Every couple of weeks he tells me he wants it cut short, but then when I go to make the appointment, he changes his mind. I'm glad...I love his long hair.

And Jaden LOVES his uncles so much. He even bought 2 packs of candy before the reunion and saved one..."for his uncles". I asked him what his favorite part of the whole reunion was and he said, "meeting the new cousins (cousins we hadn't met before) and playing with Uncle Josh at the beach.". This is Uncle Jared wrestling around with Jado.
Ug! And the group shot (w/o Justy and, wish you guys were still there) Um, look who's the biggest, tallest, roundest one there...blah!

Anyway, fun family, fun location, fun reunion!

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Tamee said...

Jaden looks so big in all the pictures of him at the reunion. Garrett loves to fish too.
Boston is a nut. He makes crazy, cute faces. Can't wait to see Peirce.

I didn't know you got a sewing machine. Awesome!