Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rod Works....

Ok, so Rod Works is amazing. There are a few in Utah...even a few that aren't on their site we found out (the clerance store we just found in the phone book in Layton). But it's just super super fun home decorating stuff. Lots of greenery, but I stink at picking out my greenery, I've either had to have Jana or Danica help me out...other than my new topiary which I took a risk and picked out myself. And these cute little greenery balls in the top shelf:
(rack and red scarf both from rod picture...Jaden) I had the worker girl tell me what cute things I could put in that rack (I bought 2 of the racks) and she put this together for me, but with one of their frames, which I thought was too expensive for how little it was, but they do have SUPER cute colored beadboard frames, 16x20 for $17!!! I should have gotten one. I went skimpy on this trip because I was planning on hitting Tai Pan and the downeast outlet, but we didn't hit!
But Rod Works has tons of super cute stuff. They have the CUTEST Halloween stuff right now, but I have too much halloween stuff, and the 2 things I wanted, I can make myself (super easy stuff) but I guess most of their stuff changes a couple of times a year. SO CUTE! If anyone wants to plan a girls trip up there for next spring, let's do it! I've got room for 5!!!

And there you have it!

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