Friday, August 21, 2009

Random FUn...

Ok, so my picture are all jumbled up in weird order, so I'm just posting as they we recovered. I will be posting a few of this next picture. At most every beach we stopped at Boston had to take a taste. He liked it...blah! This was at some place that's known to have the largest heard of elk or deer or whatever. I didn't get out but Jase took this pic of Kam with them behind her. They had no fear at all of people, there were tourists all over and they were huge mothers!

And this was a random "my legs are and arms are falling asleep" stop. Also the only family picture we have of the whole trip...we all look dazed and Boston is stripping Jase. Nice!

Ahhh, and these are the beginnings of the Mulder Family Reunion pictures. They will take a few posts. This one is Jase taking his grandma over to where the family was. She had to cross a little creek and she was nervous about it, so he ended up scooping her up and carrying her across as me and jase's uncles and aunts and mom and everyone watched. haha, whatta hero!

ANd I love this pic of grandma Mulder playing with Bossy and Kam in the sand. Kam wanted to wear her swimming suit everytime we stopped. I dont know how many times on this trip we had to stop and clean sand out of her butt.

More reunion pics, boston on beach pics and other pics to come....

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scooping it up said...

that picture of Bos with sand in his mouth is so disugsting. what a personality!