Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Boss Overload...

Now it's time to share bossy pics from the trip. He was a nut when it was his turn for the shoot. These were the last ones when he was in his swim trunks. Uncle Justy found a big gross peice of seaweed to wrap around him.
Then he decided to bury Uncle Justy's feet. He looks like he's being wicked naughty about it, but he did it all in fun.

Sampling more sand.

Running away from the water.

Just being really cute.
And even though I chopped Jase's upper half off, I LOVE this picture!

I love the action in this shot.

He's just freaking adorabe!

Showing us where the ocean is.

Running from the ocean.

The rest of these are just adorable and I hope they get Rachael pregnant.

I hope this new baby looks just like my 2 boys. I love em!



Bre said...

Hey! How's it going? We haven't talked to you in so long! I was wondering about family pictures. I am guessing you won't be doing them since you will either still be pregnant or you will have a new born. We want to get them done this Fall here somewhere in the mountains. So my question to you is do you have someone you like that lives here?

buba's bodacious babe said...

Great Bossy picts! he is so cute i just want to squish his cheeks. i am so excited that Bossy gets a new brother soon. Good luck!

Elissa said...

uncle justy is glad he could help. aunt lissy is sad she ruined one of his pictures.

Dr. Mulder said...

Um, what is aunt lissy talking about? oh gosh, and this is kristal, not jase of coarse.

Elissa said...

chubby white legs.

kristal said...

Your legs freaking look like little toothpicks, not to mention they are long model legs. Bite me aunt lissy!