Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things that make me NOT T.O.ed!!!

Ok, so yesterday I just had my brain stuck in, "I hate everyone and everthing" mode...sorry to anyone that came over or called or anything. Today, I'm slightly better, so I figured I should go with it. Things that make me happy....
#1, the awesome bake sale/lemonade stand the kids had yesterday with neighbor kids. (there was one more but he came after the picture). The kids did awesome. They made $, in about 5 hours. haha! They had a lot of fun though, and can't wait until the 6th for our next one.
#2 the lovely things the kids leave around the house for me, such as these cute monkey chains hanging from our wall lamps, which were later connected to each other under the picture of Christ. It's a beautiful addition. Still up too, and the pic was yesterday.

Ok, so I have had some MAJOR great trip with coupon sense in the last month or two and I keep wanting ot take pics to show, but I don't, well, today I did. The stuff on the left (non produce) was only $6!!!! I saved over $45!! oh, plus 2 big bags of ice...that's what cost so much.
And the producey stuff on the right was only $20. We took our list of competetor prices to walmart and they hooked us up. They even price matched with Sprouts and Food City which are hours and hours from here! YAY!!! Oh, and there were also 3 more watermleon...I know, 6 seems like a bit much, but it'll last us til Saturday.

2 days ago, I NEEDED chocolate cake, and none of the resturants in Flagstaff had any for me. So Tuesay morning I woke up and made one...the frosting that was supposed to go with the recipe (no good me, just go to PF Changs and get it)...never softened. It was soft, but then you're supposed to put it in the refridgerator for a few hours and when I took it out it was fudge, and I did everything perfectly right, so, I gave up on the cake all day yesterday, but alas this morning I found a great recipe for chocolate frosting, I frosted the sorry suckers, decorated them, and....welll, of coarse, don't want chocolate cake anymore, so now i'm trying to figure out what to do with this cute cake! ug! The kids said it could be the baby in my belly's birthday and we could eat it. We might do that tonight if the thought of it doesn't make me wanna puke!

One more thing that makes me happy, a bath....but I won't be getting one of those for a long long time...probaly the longest break from a bath I've had my whole life. I haven't had one in over a year and I won't get one til AT LEAST Christmas. This house has one bath, and it's the super old tinstsy tiny ones that are made for people 5' and under. ug! I want a bath though, I know it would make me happy. I'm sure I'll get one for my birthday at our hotel in NYC though, can't wait!!!!


dani said...

I want that cake. Right. Now.

Adorable bake sale, things like that make me wanna live in a small town. They made quite a killing.

lil mama said...

Jealous you're going to NYC.

And wishing I was pregnant so I could justify eating chocolate cake.