Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things that make me pretty T.Oed.....

Today, since I'm completely annoyed with one thing right now, I decided to try and spread the annoyance by focusing on other things that ALSO annoy me. Let's start with skinny hot pregnant girls. Those 3 words should NOT go UG! EAT!!!! #2 annoyance. My eyebrows. I feel like I pluck the suckers every other stinking day, yet they look like my dog's eyebrows. I've slowly lost my sexy arch, and now I have have a droopy line. But I will say that the most painful thing...right up there with the natural delivery of the 16" head, was having my eyebrows threaded!!! But just like the natural delivery...worth it! I wanna do it again. I was bawling my eyes out and screaming (just like child birth) but when all was said and done and I didn't have to touch the suckers for about a month...worth it!
#3 annoyance. This is a bad one right now. You can only understand if you're knocked up too. I am sooo annoyed with buying half of the watermelons in the grocery store, taking them home, moving enough food to fit 3 in the fridge at a time, then a few hours later, cracking them open, and YUCK! Come on Watermelon farmers...fix it!

#4 annoyance. My dirty floor. Ok, it doesn't look this bad. But I am already getting tired of bending over 342346x a day to pick things up or scrub something off of the floor. Why is the floor so far down?!

#5 annoyance. I really shouldn't complain about this, because I probalby only see about 2 a day, but the fact that I stepped on a dead one with my bare foot this morning is enough for it to make my list. In Surprise we had 4 million flies because we lived at the edge of the earth and there was construction going on all around us, and here we don't have too many, but they love to live in my kitchen window and it drives me nuts. It makes me feel the need to sanitize. That and the fact that baby bossy comes to me every morning with a dead cockroach and says, "bug, uck!"

So now that you've read what I'm trying to focus on that annoy me to take my attention off of the one things that really annoys me. It's a girl, of coarse is it. Don't girls always annoy girls? And I hardly know this girl, but she seems to keep making her way into our life and I keep being assured that she's out of it, but wahbam! There she is again. SUPER ANNOYING AND RUINING MY LIFE!
Now I'm off to kill flies!


Alona said...

Yay for threading! :) I'm a big fan and still do every few weeks! Erum rocks!

lil mama said...

What I'm pissed about is how do they not have stretch marks after the kid comes out? How?!?! they look good in a bikini 3 freaking weeks later!


Nicole said...

Totally agree about the threading!! I just wish it didn't hurt so bad!! But the watermelon is the most annoying by far lol... you just feel so ripped off in the end! :) lol

Laura said...

The pictures of Boston are so stinkin' cute! LOVE the bowtie. Now I have to search for one for my boys. (Would my 7 year old hate if I made him wear one?)

And I just bought a watermelon today so I'm crossing my fingers!

Our Little World said...

Ok, I can totally tell you are pregnant again lately with your posts. :-)

So far I've had good watermelons (only 2.99 at Sprouts right now!) and really good cantaloupe too actually. YUM! I also made hummus today.

Sorry about all the other annoyances. I'm sure if I sat and thought about it, I'd have a HUGE list too.

Alicia said...

At the end of this post when you said, "It's a girl" I thought you were talking about the baby in your belly. Took me for a loop. But I got it all figured out now. I'm okay.

The cookies from the Lemonade stand look amazing. I'm going to have to get me some of them.

alison said...

So who is this girl that is super annoying and ruining your life???? Do I need to come an open a can of whoop A on her? OK can you actually see me doing that. If nothing else the visual image of that might make you smile. Your kids are so gorgeous!