Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cinco de Mayo de Boston de Spongebob....

Yesterday was a fantastic day!!! It started with Kam and I waking up (the boys were on the Father's Son's campout) and making a lovely protien shake and bowl of bran for breakfast (pregnancy issues). Then we got ready, got our small bills and headed out to the town's annual yard sale day!!! My new favorite day of the year. We started with some killer finds at Linda Miller's house (my favorite house in town) where we got some awesome wooden fish napkin holders (37 for $4) for Kam's luau birthday party, a couple of antique mail boxes, and a couple of other things, then off to Cat Hansen's for some amazing photog props and Christmas decorations(I think you can see some behind the boys in the first picture). And then to the Tubb's for some 5lb weights. I've been using sissy 3lbs for over a year and keep being too cheap to buy a set of 5lbs for over $10....I got these for 2 (I think).
Then we headed over to Holbrook for Deloris to fix Kam's chopped hair finally...yay! Then we came home, made horchata, ate some lunch, and I tried to sleep a bit since Kam kept up the night before with her "creepy bugs in a bag" nightmares. Then the boys got home, and this is what they looked like...... They had a lotta fun. Then we got all of the party stuff and headed up to grandma and grandpa hatch's. We were about 3 hours early so we decided to let the kids see the surprise we'd been waiting to show them for months.......the anticipation builds......

The excitement builds......
And wahlah! There it is! We were soo excited to find this on clerance last fall for $90! (regularly over $400).

Boss looks scared in this pic, but he loves the waterslide!

One of my favorite parts of the day is pictured below. My awesome neice and her boy ice packed a half watermelon, half orange bahama rama mama (a huge craving that I haven't been able to give into for months) and some awesome sweet pork salad from the place that's like Cafe Rio that we can't think of right now. BOTH AMAZING!!! Thanks you guys!!!!
This is Messican Boss, preparing for the fiesta.

I meant to get more pics of the decor, but I didn't...but I'm IN LOVE with my new "cold drinks" tin. Thanks Safeway!

Now onto our lovely guests. We'll start out with the hottest...Bet n Brian...the two hottest Mexicans there.

And our hottest married couple there...the Lampsas. And no, that's not Mario from the Mario brothers, it's Jarrod!

After the kids played on the waterslide forever and we all ate some killer Mexican BBQ (we missed you Steve n Lu), it was cake time!

All of the kids liked the cake and ice cream. A lot of the grown ups had issues with the "jelly" part of the cake. This is sweet little Ava, she was a bit freaked out by me and my camera, as you can tell.

And the always handsome Fish Bros.

And I stink and didn't get pictures of the other kids because most of them were older and constantly running around, and I pretty much found a chair, sat, moved to another chair and sat.

Boss was pretty excited about the big Baapas (spongebob) on the cake.

Then after some people tried to steal all of Bossy's gifts....

He opened them all up. Lots of squirtguns, airplanes and spongebob toys. He loved em all!!!

Then it was pinata time. I think there was a steal layer under the paper part of this pinata. All of the kids took 2 turns and he was only a parapalegic (no legs). So we let Boston go crazy and then I ended up pulling the stupid pull strings...I hate pull string pinatas, it's as bad as gifts in bags instead of being wrapped. ug! What happened to the good ole days?!

It was an awesome Birthday for Bossy. and we decided it was our favorite kid's party we've thrown!


Nat said...

LOVED it! It was so relaxing that I hardly knew I had two little munchkins running around everywhere. Thanks for the fun and thanks for not putting any pictures up of me! (:

Our Little World said...

Wow, that does look like and awesome day!

lil mama said...

Izzy's Invitation must have been lost in the mail. Oh, well. him and Zane were even in Holbrook, too!

I can't believe you got that for $90!! I was just looking at the same one at toys r us and I swear it was $600!! HOW FUN!!

AudyCamp said...

ok the looks on your kids faces is PRICELESS when they saw that waterslide!!

Melissa said...

awe, that looksl ike so much fun! happy birthday boston! clara sends her love and kisses

Mary said...

That looks like an awesome party! My kids would've loved the waterslide! Happy Birthday, Boston!!

Staci said...

Okay, move to Hawaii and throw all my parties, please? That was so cool! I love the water slide!!! I even got a few of the "Mom, why can't we have one of those?" comments. Glad you had a fun party! (I could really use some of that yummy Mexican food here)