Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little lesson....

Alright, so I don't look like this pregnant.... But I'd like to take this time to share a few things NOT to say to me whilst I am pregnant...all comments I've already recieved so far:
5. Do you always show this much this soon?" There's just no way to take that as anything but, "wow, you're huge"

4. "Are you having twins?" Wow, really? You're asking me this? Nice

3. "I can defaintely tell your pregnant" aka You're big!

2. "You want MORE after this?" Really is it any of your business how many I want? Can you NOT be surprised that I want more after this. Or it can also be taken as, "your kids are soo naughty, why would you want more"

and my #1 least favorite thing I've been told this pregnancy....alas, not just by one, but by MANY (mostly friends)...... "Glad it's you and not me!" Um, ok, is this the new congratulations??????

(this is obviously a venting post and I will come back happier tomarrow)


Staci said...

Kristal, You look so small, I can not believe how tight you are. I always wanted a cute tight pregnant belly and you definitely have one. I am so glad you are going to have more kids because you truly have the sweetest cutest kids!! I wish I could be pregnant with you because being pregnant is such a blessing and so wonderful!! I am trying to get healthy so I can be pregnant. You are so blessed to be healthy!! You make being pregnant look so fun and easy. Hope your day goes better!! You should do a pregnancy shoot now just to show how sexy you are pregnant!!

Mary said...

LOL whomever Staci is, can you be my BFF? Too cute.

Alicia said...

I second the photo shoot idea. You look really good -and I mean that in the most unlesbian way possible.

And I love your kids. Lacy keeps asking for Kamryn's house.

Kourtney Dawn said...

Ahh, see we all love you!!!

alison said...

Oh Kristal, the people who say those comments are just jealous at the cute kids you adn Jase make. If it makes you feel better, congrats, I would give anything to be in the position to have our next baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you are so so so lucky! I know that I will have my chance in a couple years, but I love reading all my friends blogs and sharing in the joy of their families growing and having new little spirits entering their forever family!!!!!! Hang in there, you are amazing and I love ya!

Koi said...

All I want to know is where you found that picture because I love that swim suit. I don't care that it is maternity. It makes me want to have another kid just so I can wear it for a summer.

Kristal said... GET PREGNANT!