Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mustache Mania!

Alright, I'm going to start with some pictures I took of a friend's wedding this weekend. I LOVE this first one. She has 3 sisters (and sister in laws) that have tiny baby boys and I made them lay on her dress for a picture...they hated me...haha, but arent' they sooo cute? And then I have these killer mustaches for cinco de mayo and I always teased Tia about liking a guy with a mustach named merrick mccracken so I just had to get the fake mustaches on them.


And of coarse between the wedding and reception I got to go home for a bit and the kids wanted to wear them. I have the cutest little gringos!

You all know I love sleeping pictures of this kid.

And now....the moment you've all been waiting for.....the finished chicken mansion!!!!! Jase worked a couple of weeks on this thing, but it's nicer than our house! There are a few rooms inside, the downstairs is for the new baby chicks (which are slowly being eatten by Foxxie) and the upstairs is for the big fat layers. and the cage is for everyone, as you can see.

I've been craving watermelon big time. Any given day you can come over and find a good 5 or 6 watermelons in our kitchen. If they aren't good ones, we don't tell the kids and they love them. Boston usually keeps his head in one and slurps all day. No lie. These guys were out slurping a watermelon and watching the contruction of the new home being build RIGHT behind our house. yay, more incentive to get our house going quicker....if our tax guy would get his butt in gear!!!!!

And now to mother's day. I didn't take pictures cause I'm a slacker. BUt yesterday we picked up my parents and went to Flagstaff. We went to target where I got a couple of cute preg tanks, then gap where I got my cinco de mayo de boston de spongebob party shirt, then old navy where we made some exchanges and bought kam some swimming suits and board shorts, then home depot where we spent a couple of hours looking at appliances and pricing them out and figuring what we like. Is anyone super highly impressed with their washer/dryer, or oven, or dishwasher???? Then we hit Sam's, Red Lobster, Coldstone and home.
This morning I was forced to stay in bed for a few hours after I woke up as I starved. But it was well worth it when I shoved down a couple of delicsious wheat germ pancakes with some lemony topping...which made me sick because I ate too fast and I was too hungry. But it was decorated soo nicely. A grape face done by Jaden, sliced kiwi by Kam and an old banana, thanks Boston.
And I will soon post a picture of the flowers that show Jase's love for me....SOON......


j&krosser said...

(1)Tia looks gorgeous!! I always thought she was cute BUT she looks incredible. (2) love the mustaches (3) Happy mother's day

lil mama said...

I want to live in that chicken mansion!

Happy Mothers day!

Staci said...

That is one incredible chicken mansion! Did you paint it too? It looks amazing! Every time you talk about watermelon I am so jealous. They are over ten dollars here and so they have become more of a treat to have every once in awhile but we used to eat them everyday in Utah. I am glad you had a great Mother's Day! And a fun shopping day!

Woodside's said...

Happy Mother's Day! It sounds like you had a great day!

Our Little World said...

Happy Mother's Day. Your comment about wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all the crappy moms on FB still has me cracking up! Awesome chicken mansion!!!

Alicia said...

I love Tia.

She looks gorgeous.

I also love your chicken house.

Alona said...

What the heck!?!?!? I didn't even know Tia was getting married! I'm really out of the loop! Yikes!