Thursday, May 1, 2008

Whatta great day...

Guess who just ate 1/4 of a cooked radish and it tasted like ice cream?! YAY!!!! We were just supposed to do the broth today, but we're going to eat a few of the vegetables so we'll be ahead one day so we can eat at the cinco de mayo party!


dani said...

Wow. Thats sad. I hope I never think radishes taste like ice cream. :)

You are strong.

Our Little World said...

Holy Crap Kristal, you are starving yourself! At least you are finally having some kind of calories. Can't wait to hear how you feel when u r done.

Vonda said...

You made our goal didnt you???

I also love radish, beet and turnup icream. People dont know what they are missing.

Havent sent the cash or shorts yet - Im a stinkin looser - TODAY though.

Am I suppose to have a CD for Jen of Tyler?