Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bear Canyon Lake

This weekend we took off (on Sunday after church) and headed out towards Chevlon Lake, but ended up going to Bear Canyon Lake to camp for the night. There were TONS of Elk along the way, Jase decided to get out, track and take a picture...here's what he got...because I honked our loud old horn. Ha! Mmmm, fire roasted hot dogs. You know you want some!
And this is everyone's "camping face"
And you all know by now that I can't resist taking a few dozen pics of this guy

J and K gathered rocks, sticks and pine needles for the fire

In the morning we headed down to the lake. There was only one other person there til about noon, then a couple came out. But it was still really quiet and nice. I worked on my tan while the kids caught "tadpoles" (minnows) and B just walked around singing and Jase tried really hard to catch a fish...he had poles set up every 20' or so.
"tadpole catching"
The "catch of the day". Sadly, this was the biggest catch of the day. Good job J.
And we ended our camping trip witha little diaper changing on the log. Look at that cute bum! Oh, and YES I was there, but Jase only knows how to use my camera to take pictures of sunsets and elk...and I forgot to ask Jaden to take a few shots.
Good times. We're going camping June 7-9th if anyone wants to come or recomend a great camping place.


Amy John said...

Ooh, looks like fun! I would be too scared to go camping with just our little family.. I dont know if we would make it out alive! Was the water cold??

Shawna said...

You guys are fun parents. I love the pictures that were taken in the evening...you can see the sunset through the trees. I love Az sunsets!

Unknown said...

We'll be coming up there then, so maybe we can meet you for the day!

Elissa said...

look like a fun trip. we stopped by jasons office on monday, so we knew you were camping. we for sure needed you guys at volleyball. are you going to flag any time soon. we should go together before we leave. we still haven't told g-ma m. that we are moving. she is gonna die when we do. hold on, i will just email you. cute camping pics. they make me want to go camping , and not with 200 young women.

Laura said...

I am so glad that others have the same dillema that I do! We have done several things that I have no proof of being there. When our kids grow up they are going to think they were raised by a single dad and I'm going to be ticked if he gets all the family fun credit. I either have to force Micah to take a picture of me or I just have to turn the camera around for a nasty big face photo of myself.

Holly said...

We'd LOVE to come camping - but why did you have to schedule it when I'd be in Utah...punk!

Allred's said...

OMG, I wanted to come. Did you guys camp in a tent? It looks so darn fun, especially potty time behind the log. Way to go dude.