Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday at home

I LOVE when we get to spend saturdays at home. And event hough the boys were gone til 3, K and I had fun. We got up at about 6 to go put signs up for the yard sale, then we set up tables and set up our junk to sale. We had a nice little cupcake breakfast and plopped down on our yard salin chairs. Here's Kam's sweet "sweet sale". There were 5 other yard sales in town. Here' s a few of my finds: Linda Miller had these sweet headboard/footboards. I was going to paint them red and make them be in my boys cowboy room, but I think I'll paint one red and one white and have Jase make porch benches out of them.
Another amazing find. Size 10 gold/bronze/silver sequin shoes. These are RARE!
Each of these were fifty cents!!! Nice.
Cute antique cake dish.
Then at 4 my volleyball friends got a little game together. They are all REALLY good at volleyball so it's fun to watch them play and run off the court really quickly when the guy in the blue shirt goes up for a hit. He's amazing!
Then, I thought Jase was going to take me out to a movie or dinner since dad did for mom, and dad said he talked to jase about it, so I kept waiting and waiting, but he never said anything, so we went to bed. Pretty fulfilling Saturday.


j&krosser said...

Good Finds! I miss playing V-ball with those guys. Not only are they good, they are hilarious which makes it even funner.

Tamee said...

Love Kamryn!! I wish we could have some of those tasty cupcakes. I'd have bought her out! Fun treasures!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had sporty friends who liked playing volleyball or some type of sport together, that would be fun. I love your little yardsale, Kam is so cute. Glad you got a little relaxation on Mom's day! You deserve it!

Alona said...

Awww! I miss good ole Joseph City Volleyball - some of the best volleyball anywhere!

Raysha said...

I'm so jealous that you get to play volleyball. AND jealous that you have fun finds from yard sales. You SUCK!!! :p