Friday, February 10, 2017

Rubberbands on the cabinets.

Lately, Tru's been CRAZY!  He loves to crawl around getting into EVERYTHING.  All of our lower kitchen cabinets have rubber bands on them to keep them closed, and the wooden puzzles are usually spread out all over the living room, everyday.  And when I try to sit him on the couch or bed to sit still for a picture, he hates me!  So this is as good as it gets for 11.5 month old Truman.
2 weeks ago, I was DONE!  I know all moms of many kids get to this point often, but I was seriously, DONE!  So on Monday, I woke up, got myself some breakfast, and sat at the computer and looked on Pinterest, checked my e mail, photoshopped, read through my planner, and switched the laundry.  I was on strike!  I feel like I nag all day long.  I made cute chore charts, that USED to work...for YEARS, and since we've moved so much int he last year and a half, nothing works!  So I just quit.  By the end of the day...this was our house....

Sadly, everyone was starving and not a sole noticed how gross the house I went for day 2.  And they finally realized it's gross...then they realized it sucks to play catch up with chores....we dedicated a whole afternoon/evening to catching up.  But here we are about 12 days later, and we're back to nagging.  If any of my 2 readers have a solution...SPILL!!!!

Ok, no to some cute mom sleeping kid stalker pictures.....his bum...oh my....his bum!!!
The dude walks along cabinets, chairs, couches...he actually found it's worth it to take ONE long as it's to mom or grandma and they have a  pacifier or food.  But mostly he just walks along things or crawls REALLY fast around the house.

Boston LOVES for me to take pictures of anything he creates, so he asked me to take a picture of T with the dolls sunglasses on.
I was sitting on the couch playing video games with Jaden (a first) and Tru fell asleep in my arms!  It was THE BEST! sadly, I had to set him on the couch because I was going on a date with Jase.  But he stayed asleep....and just look at him!  Geez!  I want to eat him! I HATE HATE HATE that they grow up!!!!
Sad news of the week, kitty (who still doesn't have a name because we are all too stubborn to give into each other's names for her), got really sick, really fast.  She has some kind of disease and she gets vertigo and her back legs give out.  It's the saddest ever.  She's spending the weekend at the vet (the adoption center is paying for it....we're horrible pet owners, and don't pay for vets) and on Monday the doctor will tell us the's SO sad.  We all grew to love her....even Gus!
Vivian and I watch TV a lot lately.  No big reason...I'm just tired.  I've been doing REALLY good at working out 1-2 hours a day, and I'm sleeping great, but this last week, I've been tired. I think it's because I've cut my calories big time because I just heard that all of my stinking sisters are losing weight...ALL of them...and the cruise is 6 weeks and 1 day away!
My very favorite thing about Vivian right now (there are lots) is that when it's "quiet time" or bedtime, she asks, "mom, can you cuddle me in?". I LOVE IT!  So I  throw her in bed, she loves being thrown, then we put 3 of her baby blankets on her, and sometimes her comforter, then we read a book, then I smash hug her and kiss her face all over!  She likes saying prayers with Kamryn, and then they usually read books to themselves till Kam turns the lights out. They're the best!
Jaden was mocking Jase the other day.  Killed me!  Look at Jaden's face!  TEENAGERS!!!!
Last weekend I got to go to Elissa's baby shower!  I've never been so excited for a shower in my life! She was seriously so glowy and gorgeous!  She's going to make an amazing mom!  She's one of the few people I trust my kids with for long periods of time.  They love Aunt Lissy!  I may have cried whens he opened her first gift...but in my defense...she was too!!!
That night we crashed at the Guttery's which is always a good time, but when the Merrills and Fish's are's AMAZING!  Tru and Mattix just get a kick out of each other.  They make each other so happy. Tru is in a bit of grabby pokey stage, but they're going to be amazing friends in a year or so.

The bigger kids just payed on the slide in the front room....and....
the uncle bill/grandpa in the front room....

Us girls (and Tru) had a great time while Jase took the big boys to Monster Jam for the 5th year in a row!

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Unknown said...

Its Kayla, Hi. LOVE you. This post is everything, i just love watching your kids grow. Trus bum IS everything, its perfect and adorable and i just love that him and Matix are the same size, temperament and they're going to LOVE hanging out! It kinda blew my mind how much Jaden and Jason Look alike, sure he's mocking him but seriously, he did a good job, they're like twins....with different hair patterns.
SO bummer i miss Elissas shower, my boys were sick but it looks like it was epic! Another baby to spoil is always good!