Saturday, February 11, 2017

Joseph City Elementary

The question for this weeks journaling is about elementary school.  I LOOOOVED elementary school! I actually loved all school.  But I remember walking to elementary school down 3rd street everyday holding hands with Celeste McGee for the first few years.  Even after that I still walked or rode my bike everyday to and from school.  My teachers were:
Kindergarten: Mrs. Mary Law (she's pretty much everyone's kinder teacher...all of my sisters and my dad's)
1st: Mrs. Judy Bray, whom Kit and I stole stickers from in a very sneaky, naughty way.
2nd: Mrs. Una Bradshaw, aka Mrs. Bratty Bra...she had a big behave hair and a strict face, but I remember liking her class.
3rd. Mr. Neils Larsen, he was SO much fun, a very laxed teacher. I remember around Christmas time, the kid behind me, Michael Van Hemert stabbed the back of his throat with a candy cane and threw up all over his desk....but a couple of years later, he saw me throw up at The Judds concert in Flagstaff.  ugh!
4th: Mr. Ross Hansen.  Coolest guy around.  I think he was one of my top 5 favorite teachers of all time!   He always walked around the playground with a long twig of wheat in his mouth.
5th: Mrs. Shari, coolest ever! We were her first class and she made it so much fun!  She had a money system and a president system.  It was so much fun. I remember going on fun field trips, but I don't remember where to, haha!  I was also in gifted this year, so Mrs. Peters was also my teacher.
6th: Mr. Darrell Moiser.  We were also his first class, and  I remember Randa was on her mission, and I would always put pictures of her on my desk when I'd go to recess hoping he would see them and want to meet her.  haha. He was a great teacher and letting us be creative. I remember winning the writing contests a lot.  He did them every week and the winner got a can of pop.   One story he loved so much he asked me to enter it into the fair...and it won the blue ribbon.  It was about Michael Jordan, as told by the basketball hoop.   It was pretty funny. I'll have to find it someday and put it on here.
My Jr. High Teachers were the same as my High school teachers.  Some of my favorite were Mr. Joseph Richards, who was my Spanish teacher.  He sent me to the principal a lot, then finally just put an old chalkboard up in the back of the class room which made a cage for me, which I LOVED! I got to chew gum and read my Seventeen magazines back there without anyone seeing.  haha!  Ms. Gina Sepp was my all time favorite. I wanted to be her when I grew up.   She has this awesome red hair, she was hilarious, and most all of the kids loved her.  She was my art teacher and she came up with the most fun projects in this cold cement room with lockers.  WE did paper mache', pointillism, drawing, painting, everything!  I remember at the slave auction, her and another teacher, Mrs. Roden, bought ME!  That means they get to make me do whatever they want for a week and they just made me smile all week. I guess I wasn't much of a smiler...kind of like now.  I'm not unhappy, I just don't smile much.  So she made me smile all week and then gave me a cute book called "smiles" that she wrote in at the end of the week.

Back to elementary school...we had cat tracks and we would have drawings on Friday with all of the cat tracks, so we always tried to earn a lot. You got them for academic achievements, for being kind to others, for helping teachers, for being obedient.  Anyway, I remember that being a big deal, and I remember winning a lot of things with that.  Also there was the pickle award...big big deal, and if you won that, you got a big pickle on Friday.
The cool things on the playground were the wheel barrow, that was a big wooden hamster wheel thing that was begging for a lawsuit, but it was so much fun.  We had a big twisty slide that we always waxed and you'd fly off, there was a rocket slide that SO many kids fell off of and broke arms, so they removed it finally.  I played on the bars and swings a lot.  Celeste and I learned some pretty sweet tricks on the bars.  We were very gymnasticy.   I remember my mom would bring me a brown bag a lot of days for lunch at the office and it was a bean burrito, a soda and a bag of chips.  I liked the middles of the burrito, but not the fried ends, so I'd always give them to my friends Kit and celeste.
That's all I really remember. I loved being a kid though.  Joseph City was the best!

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