Sunday, February 26, 2017

4 Boys

It's funny when you hear of a family with 3 or 4 boys people always thing or say "wow, I bet that's crazy". But when you have 4 boys as part of a bigger family, they act like it aint no thing.  But it IS chaos 75% of the time.  SOOOO much wrestling and competition!!!! 

But SOOOO much sweetness, and gentelmeness (yup, it's real). These boys make me feel so loved.  They are all 4 seriously, SO different from each other.  Completely different personalities and slowly getting different looks.  It's been SO much fun watching them grown and change and become the men (and little men) they are becoming. Jaden LOVES babies. He's a very neat kid.  As in, neat room, neat hair, neat drawers.  He keeps it tidy, and right now he has the crappiest zone of the house, the kitchen, and he never complains and gets it done nicely.
Boss is and always has been a people pleaser.  He's especially good at recognizing when someone is having a rough day and asking what he can do to make it better.  And he's very devoted to getting straight A's.  He always lets his teacher know that he wants to stay after if it'll get that last B up.
Pearcen is a bit more sensitive than the other boys. He has sweet feelings and he's crazy obedient.  He's very good at doing what he is asked the first time, and I LOVE that he loves to read about the different states and maps every night before bed.
Truman is a bit on the spoiled side at the moment.  He likes to crawl (sometimes take a few steps) to me and then whine until I hold him all day long!  But he loves to laugh, and make other people laugh.  and he likes to cuddle when he wears out. I love it!
Today I told them I wanted to take pictures of them on our way to grandma and grandpa's for dinner....I had about 20 pictures like this one....
 But then two cute ones like this....and I don't know what that Boston face is.  He has a hard time relaxing for the camera....but he's darn cute anyway.
Just 4 cool guys posing for a shot for their mom in front of the local hair salon.  That's all.
 I love you boys!!! I'm sure glad I've got every single one of you!!!

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Unknown said...

So sweet! I love the "matching" shirts! Mom win!! They at such HANDSOME boys, and seem like such GOOD boys!! We are excited to come visit this summer!!!