Monday, February 6, 2017

Oldies but goodies

I had to go looking through our old hard drive to find pictures for Tru's upcoming birthday (ugh) and came crossed some old pictures that I liked, so I figured I'd put them int he book.  This first picture is just a shot from one of the last times I didn't hate myself in a picture. It was 4 years ago....and it's hard to find any picture from the last 7 years that I don't absolutely hate of myself...and the fact that there's a really cute little 10 year old girl in this one with me makes it even more adorable. It was taken at the Chandler parade of lights.
 This picture just gets me SOOOOOO SOOOO incredibly excited to take Vivian and Pearcen to Disneyland in a few weeks.  This was me when I was Vivian's age.  I'm excited to take all of the kids, but the last time we went, Pearcen was 1 so it's going to be all new for those two...and Tru won't be too excited I'm thinking.
 This is an incredibly rare shot...and by that I mean, this is THE only one.  My 2 Az besties in one amazing place at the same time!!! Best day ever.  Luckily in a couple of days I get to go there again with one of them!
 This picture is from a few months ago in California when we were on a whale watching tour.  I just miss having a baby.  He's growing up way too fast and I LOOOOVE the age before they try to squirm down to crawl around.  They just love that you're holding them and kissing on them.

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(Bloomfield Family) said...

I will never grow my hair out after seeing that picture! I miss you already!