Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Truman gets SO MUCH LOVE!  Pearcen and Boston always want pictures with him. I couldn't resist on Sunday when Pearce and Tru were both in suspenders and bowties...

 And Jaden is always wanting to hold Tru...and now Tru likes to hold Jaden...
 The other day I was busy getting dinner ready and when I came to the computer to check a recipe I found this e bay search pulled up "a real brother". I think someone wasn't getting along.
 And lastly, I found this old shot in our hard drive.  It's from our trip to California in the spring. I love that little baby round head! (and I miss having my eyelashes, thanks to trying fake eyelashes for a few weeks, I'm now left with stubbies! I hope they grow back to this someday)

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