Monday, December 3, 2012

My Dollies

I like having these girls.  Kam is such a helper now.  She loves to be involved in whatever anyone in the family is doing.    If Jaden is doing one of his science experiments, she'll ask to do any little task to be involved, or if Boston is playing bumper cars with Pearcen, she'll jump right in.  But the two things she's the best at....keeping baby Vivian happy and helping mom cook or bake.  She's the best at it!
 I love that the above picture is her being sassy and fun for the camera, and the picture below is when she was in trouble and she WOULD NOT give up a smile.
 Bibbs.....Bib is the sweetest, easiest little baby.  Right now her day consists of crawling around, finding whatever she can to play with or taste, and trying to figure out which room mom is in.  Meanwhile getting chased by Pearcen so he can either make her super happy or super sad...depending on his mood.

Mmm, this last picture makes me so happy to have sweet little sisters!  They're 8 years apart, which seems like a lot but that's how close my closest sister is to me, and the farthest is 18 years, and I now feel like we're all a year or two apart!  We're super close!


Unknown said...

sweet sisters! that picture of vivian looking up at you is TO DIE FOR!!!!! angels :)

foreveryoung said...

Beautiful, beautiful girls! You know my thoughts on that sweet baby of yours and Kam sounds like a keeper too!

Heidi said...

Sisters are the best! Makes me sad Alexia doesn't have one. I don't know what I'd do without mine.