Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I know a lot of people don't like going shopping with kids.  and I HATE shopping at malls with kids, but grocery shopping is my favorite with kids!  I get to look at this the whole time.  And for some reason, the kids are good at stores. I really really really really am going to miss not having little ones in the top part of my cart in a few years. I love it!!!!


Abbey said...

I feel the same way!! As long as I can imprison them in a cart, I thoroughly enjoy staring at their faces and kissing on them. If they're not strapped down though,,, different story!

Jamie Y. said...

I used to like this too, until Ryder learned to throw everything out of the cart. Broken spice jars and grape tomoatoes rolling every where will do that to you. Enjoy it for me ;)