Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today was a day I've been waiting for forever! Kam and Maggies dance recital.  They were so cute.  Kam wasn't as much into it as she was with the hip hop, but she did great. I think the singing and dancing at the same time threw her off.  I hope her cousins are in it next round so she'll do it again.
 And Bibs...I tried to do a shoot with her today, but she WILL NOT hold still!!!!

 A couple of nights ago was Jaden's orchestra concert as well.  He did fantastic and was super excited to be in the advanced orchestra next year.  Pearce wanted to show me all of his faces during's grouchy face....

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Burgess said...

LOVE the one with the bum bum and her looking back! We got your card -- cute!!