Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Last year as a kid...

Jaden turned 11.  ELEVEN!  Yea, one more year as a little kid, then he's a young man, then a missionary, then A MAN!  I really like this big kid phase. I'm so excited for his young man phase though.  Can't wait to have my very own deacon!  He's an amazing kid and I LOVE HIS GUTS!  So of coarse, I'm going to do an goes.....
 What is something that I always say to you?
J: Jaden, I love you (in a super girly high pitch voice that is nothing like mine).
What else?
J:  "How was your day?" when we get home.
I don't say anything else, cool,  or loving, or awesome?
J: (laughing) Jaden, GO TO YOUR ROOM! I'll talk to you in a little bit.
Ok, let's go to the next question.

What makes me happy?
J: Me
Good answer, and true.

What makes me sad?
J: Me
Good answer again....but rarely true.
Anything else?
J: I don't know.

How do I make you laugh?
J: Saying weird things.
Like what?
J: Just like when your talking to my friends and you say weird things to them about me and,making weird faces.
 What was I like as a kid?
J: I dont 'know, you never told me
Seriously? I never told you?
J: yea, oh, yea, you stole signs.
You really haven't picked up on anything else I've ever told you about my brining up??? Sad....we need to talk

How old am I?
J: Thirty two?

How tall am I?
J:you're probably five...five...five???
WRONG!  Five ten, good try.

How much do I weigh?
J: One sixty
Ha! I love you

 What is my favorite thing to do?
J: Sleep?  haha, just kidding um, ok, not just kidding.
Sadly, you're right right now.  But what do I like to do when I'm awake?
J: cook?
Wow, just add clean and you'll be thinking like your dad.  Come, decorating, painting, playing games, quilting, watching awesome movies, the park, working out, etc...  Ok, cool, yea, sleeping and cooking.

What do I do when you're at school?
J: It seems like you just do Zumba, volleyball, clean and take care of the babies.
Right on dude.  Sometimes I eat and cook too.

If I become famous, what do you think it would be for?
J: Decorating or...acting and singing!
Ha, you're hilarious!  HILARIOUS!

What am I good at?
 um (thinking for a good 10 minutes) at GAMES!

What am I not good at?  be honest.
J: I don't know
J:Uh, wn't get mad?
J: cello?  If you practiced you'd probably be good
Again, I love you

 What's my favorite food?
J: a pazookie, I don't know.
What about the salad at outback or cheesecake factory?  or Cafe Rio? or cheeseburger soup?!  I thought that was everyone's favorite!!!

How are you and I the same?
J:  we're fast not fast, but fast with comebacks.   We like road trips.   We like getting presents.  We both like Vivian, she's so cute! We're both awesome
I can't deny that.

How are we different?
J: Actions, movements, sports.
I play sports
J: I know but do you like soccer and football?
NO, not football
J:, well, I like football, that's what I mean.

Where is my favorite place to go?
J:Grandpa and grandma's house, right?
YES, anywhere else?
J: It seems like the san tan mall with Danica
um, no.  I don't like the mall at all...any other guesses?  There are 2 more places
J: Home?
YEs, cuddled up on the couch with ALL of my kids and more place...guess
J: I don't know, where else do you like to be?
At the movies...without any of my kids!

Last do you know I love you?
J:You had me.  You like to be with me, I think.  no, wait, never mind.  You let me do things that I'm not supposed to do, like staying up and watching that PG-13 movie,
Wait, wait, what PG-13 movie?!!!
J:at grandpa and grandma's house
J: I don't know what it's called, i was with dad.
Um, yea, that's NOT how I show you I love you...try again.
J:you do special stuff for me on my birthday and at Christmas.
What about all the hugs I give you! Or when I bite you, or grab the back of your neck til you almost cry?
J: sure.

I love you Jaden Mulder!  I LOOOVVE  YOU!!!!!

J: me too....
Kristal dawn mulder

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Love this! you AND Jaden are going to LOVE reading these years from now! And i get to to enjoy this NOW! LOVE you Kiko!