Sunday, March 25, 2012

SOOO ready

Ok, tomorrow is the big day.  Diet and workout are making their way back into my life. 

I've got all I need.  A fridge full of produce. A freezer full of salmon and chicken and frozen fruit and vegetables.

My motivational clothes...

And lots of pictures to remind me that I CAN DO IT!!!!!
I can get a round butt again....REALLY want it again this time too.
ahh, and although it was my goal to get Madonna arms after Boston, I just want not flabby arms after Vivian.
this, I want.  And I KNOW, it'll be a year or so, but I want a flat stomach again so I don't have to flinch every time Jase grabs my waist.

Ahh, and just confidence, I miss it. I almost cried when we went to Forever 21 yesterday. I felt so ugly and judged. I know, I know it's all me, but still, it IS me, and I want confidence, and MY confidence comes with a healthy body, not a 200 pound body.
 And a reminder picture to remind me that I don't even want to get back to my skinniest....just back to Jason's size......
Is it wrong that I want my husband's figure with boobs????

So what's the plan this time?  Well, I want to start out with just the anti inflammatory diet. I'd like to stick around 2000 calories while I'm nursing, but I need to make them healthy calories.
I want to start off by going on walks and doing arm and butt workouts.

Eventually, in a month or so, I"d like to be back to Turbo Fire, and possibly running, depending on Vivvy and the weather.

And I'd like to be back to Weight go to weight loss plan.

Goals for the week.  NO SUGAR, NO DAIRY and NO eating after 6:30
Either a walk or an easy work out video EVERYDAY, unless housework takes up the whole day, which it COULD today if it weren't Sunday.
#1 goal...enjoy this LAST BABY!!!!!

Wish me luck!


amanda.hall said...

Good luck Kristal! Try to stay positive... especially when it gets hard and even if you take a few steps backwards. I know what its like to really really struggle with feeling healthy and good about yourself. You'll do awesome!

Tia said...

I have to comment because I have been there a couple times you have been there more than me so you KNOW you can do it and the reason is this you want it bad enough and to me that is the Key to it all so yes you will get there! I love when people get so motivated that feeling is what will drive you!! Good luck

The Glenns said...

You need to meet my daughter Sydney. She has a new plan. I'm liking it.

Kristal said...

Ugh, I know, this is my 5th time to be this big, but with the first 2 I didn't lose it before getting pregnant again. I'm super motivated to lose it, but super nervous to lose my milk supply. Which sucks in the first place, maybe I'm not meant to be a nurser. I keep telling myself that so I can really diet, but I keep wanting to be a nurser. ugh! um, Beth, what's her plan????? Hook me up! and YES, I fasted yesterday, just til 1, and my milk DISAPPEARED! I had to nurse ALL day yesterday and all night last night and it's still super crappy! ugh!!!!

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

I tried watching my calorie intake and exerciseing a few weeks ago. I lost 5 lbs and 8 "! But my milk was suffering. My babies weren't sleeping good at all so I gave it up. Just a couple more months of nursing is all I want...then I'll get too it harder. It sucks being torn between wanting to nurse and wanting to look good. Good luck though. You've done it'll do it again.