Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Bibby....

Ok, of coarse it's all about Vivian right now, but this dude is being SO awesome.  He loves to go around making faces, and every once in a while poke the baby and say, "baby!", but he's really enjoying his time in front of the tube.  Poor dude is turning into Al Bundy....

 Back to Vivvy.  This was her first picture when she came out.  She's so squishy and gushy and wittle.
 I LOVE having babies.  It's so awesome.  My anxiety was crazy this time, and I definitely wasn't mentally prepared for labor this go, but it all went well.
 Jase kinda likes her too.
 And of coarse Grandma and Grandpa were headed down the morning we had her.  Dad loves my boys like crazy, but he always has a special place in his heart for the girls.  It's his thing.
 And she had tons and tons of cousin and aunt and uncle visitors.  I didn't get pictures of hospital visitors, but they were non stop for 2 days.  She defaintely feels loved.

 Ahh, and her first bath.  She still had her umbilical cord, so we just had to wipe her down...she hated it, but she smells soooo good!!! I love clean baby smell!!!!

And I'm horrible at taking pictures anymore, but Pearcen, pokes her, Boston just likes to look at her a lot, and the older 2 fight over who gets to hold her the second they come through the door.  Boston was calling her Baby Bibby and Baby Bibian, but now he says, "I'm just going to call her Tella"....he's back to Stella.  ha!


Woodside's said...

I love that you changed the name at the last second. I have been so excited to hear what you named her. And of course Justin could not remember it after talking to Jase the other day. Anyways I love the name and she is so adorable and perfect. You and Jase seriously have such cute babies! Congrats!

Jessica said...

She is so precious! Congratulations! I wish you were here so I could snuggle her!

AudyCamp said...

I m so behind on all your pics! They are adorable!