Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012

My poor kids during spring break...I'm so boring. I sit here and nurse, then clean, then nurse, then cook, then nurse, then sit.  Although, I was nursing yesterday and I decided to try some squats as I nursed....until the kids walked in and started!  But poor Boston and Pearce have been GLUED to the TV for about 5 hours of the day watching Spongebob.  I couldn't resist this adorable shot of Pearce and his gushy bum. I LOVE IT!
And of coarse Jaden and Kamryn still fight over who gets to hold Vivvy between feedings.
And on Sunday I made one last junky thing before we started our diet and it was AMAZING.  It was my favorite brownie from scratch recipe, with a layer of fluff, and then a layer of my favorite chocolate buttercream frosting from scratch.  It was amazing....
And this guy. I miss him. I miss just cuddling him, and playing with him, and giving him so much attention.  But it's been so much fun to watch what he does when he doesn't have me 100% of the time.  He stole the pacifier and the phone and found his way to his closet where he keeps his toys and he was good there for A LONG TIME.
ahh, and baby bibby's bath.  She hated the first few, but last night (not pictured below) she LOVED.
Boston's thing during spring break is collecting pennies, so he can cash em in for quarters, so he can buy a bunch of bouncy balls from Old Navy.  He's very goal oriented.
Pearce has been obsessed with the Ikea train track that we just got out for the first time in over a year, and a thing of bubbles that Jaden got at the dollar store.  He's awesome1
Kamryn and Jaden helped me build little penguins for lunch yesterday.  They were fun, but full of toothpicks.
And's just cute.


Woodside's said...

So cute! I am so glad you updated. Justin is gone for the night and I have a hard time sleeping when he is not here. So I thought I would see if anyone updated their blog. You are one of the few who still update. I love the last picture of Kam and Vivy! I need to come see that baby!

Tamee said...

I LOVE the picture of big sister Kam with Bibby. I need to hold that baby. She's perfect!

RACHAEL said...

congratulations!! she is so perfect!! ohhh i love her :) she's so tiny. where are the details?! like, FULL NAME and birth stats maybe?!!?! come on!!