Saturday, March 24, 2012

5 little kids

Ok, so I know a lot of you reading this have kids closer in age than mine...if you do, skip this post, cause I don't want you to think I'm a sissy.
This has been the LONGEST spring break ever!  Here's the 411 on Vivvy's pregnancy, birth, first 3 weeks of life.

24/7 with 5 kids 10 and under.  at least 2 in our room every night, at least one major mess each day, and at least one panic moment everyday.  A good half hour to get everyone out the door and in the car, and a fight an hour to break up.

The pregnancy, not my easiest, but not my hardest.  I think Pearcen was my hardest pregnancy, and Kam was my easiest.  The other 3 were about the same.

Her birth, my easiest BY FAR!  Great epidural, half a push and she was out. I just laid there watching infomercials while Jase slept and my body progressed.

Her first 3 weeks.  Week one was the same as any week, lots of nursing, hemroids, stitches, no sleep and fatigue.  These last 2 weeks...with all 5 at home and no one here to help...INSANE.  Vivvy gets easier everyday, and the older 2 will go back to school on Tuesday, don't know if that's helpful or not . It's nice to have them here to go check on Pearce, but I think since they've been so  so bored, they've been fighting more, which makes me insane.    But yes, having to count heads every time we head out and every time we leave a store is so goofy, but I'm always afraid not too.  My cousin took my older 3 tonight so Jase and I could take the younger two and get some shopping was nice.  Reminds me how I took for granted our first 3 years of marriage when we just had 2 kids.  Two was so easy and relaxing.  Actually, 4 was super easy.  I really hope 5 will get there after we teach this one to sleep and not have to eat every hour for half an hour.  She's fantastic though.  We all, even Pearcen now, LOVE her so much.  She's so sweet and tiny.  I love cuddling with her, and I don't' mind getting up with her for hours every night...well, I don't mind it when I'm doing it, but around 3pm the next day when I'm ready for bed, ugh!  
Yesterday at Mimi's I had to ask for a table of 6 and a high chair.....another thing that made me KNOW we're done!  We've got 5 freaking awesome, super rad, totally fantastic kids.  We're done!  Not as many as we thought we'd have, but I'm too old.  I know I'm only 32, but my pregnancy age has got to be in the 50's...I'm so tired, grouchy, sore, and miserable each pregnancy. I can't do it again.


Alona said...

I like you! I can't wait to meet your new little one! :)

Tamee said...

If there is a pregnancy age. I was 70 having Landon! You are not too old but you do have 5 freaking awesome, super rad, totally fantastic kids. I would say the same, but I have Alina. She's a weak link, but getting better.
Reading this post made me think of last summer and my dread of this summer. The older kids are help but when they are home the the volume goes up and the intenisity of play and messes go up with it. I love having them all together, but it makes it tough to get anything done or get ahead.
I'll call you Tuesday.

alison said...

I am sad you are done, especially when I feel like I haven't even gotten started, I guess the age thing scares me, I don't want to be super old having babies, but life has thrown us so many curb balls and I still want more, I hope it will happen for us. Your 5 kiddos are amazingly gorgeous and I want to know them all. I miss you Kristal!