Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ok, so I don't take many pictures anymore, for a few reasons.  1. this house is too dark to not use a flash anytime of day and in any room.  2. I don't like flash pictures.  3.  I'm lazy.  and 4. I'm busy.  haha!
But I WILL start taking more pictures....as of RIGHT NOW!  But for now, an update.

I have a few spare moments right now while the younger 3 are napping (MIRACLE!!!) and the older 2 are hopefully at the park with the neighbor kids.

Update on EVERYONE

Jaden, LOVING playing soccer again, NOT loving his team.  He loves that he has a cousin on his team, but besides the two of them, and 2 other kids, the team is kinda, um, not super into soccer, including the coach.

Kamryn, is just loving having a sister. I knew she would. She's also, all of a sudden, wanting to do more girly things, like Easter dress shopping, pedicures, decorating her room, matching up clothes and of coarse, baking/cooking.  She's awesome!

Boston mostly just goes around doing whatever his brothers and sister are doing.   He's a pretty easy going guy.  He HATES to go to hip hop...I think because it's so late in the day and he's worn out, but he always LOVES it after he goes.  Right now, he's still on the hunt for good smooth rocks for more pet rocks, and on the hunt for pennies.  He has a tally sheet counting the pennies he's collecting because for every 25 he gets, he can get a quarter and get a bouncy ball at Old Navy.  Don't know why he's aspiring to that....but he is.

Pearcen, pretty much the same as Boss, but every hour or so he comes up and asks if he can watch Spongebob, and I'm sad to say that a few times  a day, I let him....my kids have SUPER overdosed on TV and WII the last week or so.  Pearce is also in a super silly face phase.  His scowl makes everyone laugh. I need to for sure get a picture of it.

Vivian, um, she sleeps, eats, and doesn't poop.  We're hoping she'll poop SOON.  But she's still perfect, tiny and cute.

Jase, works, comes home, plays with the kids, eats, falls asleep, then works.

Me...I clean, feed, clean, feed, clean, feed, sometimes sleep, Pinterest, clean, feed, Facebook, then I clean.  I've been busy setting goals though. I have to set em and read and re read them. I have had the same weight loss blog for oh, probably 4 years, and I LOVe looking back at my goals after each kid, and the pictures of me getting fat, then getting skinny again.  I'm dreading this next week of taking my before pictures.  It's always depressing, embarrassing and SO motivating.  I just found a blog of a mom that sounds JUST LIKE ME.  THIS POST is exactly how I feel, and I've read it a few times and it just makes me wanna eat veggies and work out!  WE've started the anti inflammatory diet, but it's super hard with people bringing in food.  Not that Im complaining...I HATE making dinners after crazy days, and I'm LOVING trying different kinds of food, but let's just say I've weighed the exact same for a week now...and Vivian is only a week and 4 days.  yea, i should still slowly be losing some weight.  Aww well.    I'm motivated, and as soon as I "heal" hopefully I can start getting som muscle back so I can burn some fat.  
Other good news...I can nurse!  I have to use the weirdo nipple shield, but I'm not dying!  It is sore at the initial latch on, but there's NO blood, NO crying, and No going to the hospital every few days to talk with the laction consultant!!! yay!!! But...we have had to supplement...she's down a pound and not pooping.  ugh!  Whatever...it'll all workout.

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RACHAEL said...

YAY!!! so glad you are breastfeeding!!!! go girl(s)!!