Wednesday, September 28, 2011

parenting and moving single style

So the last couple of months have sucked.  I've had to pack up the house, clean, unpack, make all the meals, do all the laundry (no changes with those two), and pretty much watch the kids hans solo.  I'll admit, I do get him on Sundays, but the day of rest, no one is much help to anyone, but I do enjoy our Sundays together.  But I can't wait to be together as a family again, and work as a team, and not be alone, and not having anxiety over another big move, and not living in my parents house, and not driving up and down the streets of my favorite town crying because I don't get to live here anymore.
I laid in bed this morning....alone and felt the baby.  He moved from one side to the other, but I have only felt his actual movements 3 or 4 times.  But I can tell which side he's on because it's a huge hard ball.
J is in the valley.  Working hard today and checking out some more houses tonight and tomorrow.  We were approved for one, in a fantastic neighborhood, by the Gutt's kids school, but it's only 1700 sq ft.  Which I can probably hack for the first 6 months of our rental agreement, but not the last 6 when I have a newborn and it's too hot to send the kids outside.  Ugh, well see what happens with that.
Pearcen turned 2 today.  I honestly can't believe this last year.  It has dragged more than any year in my life, but to think that I delivered pearcen 2 years ago is so unbelievable!   He turned feisty about 3 weeks ago, but he gave me a break for his birthday. He's been awesome today! I hope it sticks.
Boston, ugh, boston, nothing makes me more sad than the thought of him not graduating kindergarten with Mrs. Young like my older 2 did.  I always envisioned all my kids graduating her kindergarten class.  I LOVE HER!  Boston was riding his bike downt he street with Jase yesterday and said, "dad, I think I'm fawwing in wuv wiff my teacher".  Then he started singing it, "I'm fawwing in wuv wiff my teacher, I'm fawwing in wuv wiff my teacher".  We told her and she said, "boston, I think I'm falling in love with you too".  She's just so amazing. I never thought anyone could outdo Mrs. Law...the amazing kindergarten teacher that taught all of my sisters, me and hundreds and hundreds of others, but Mrs. Young is right there with her.  Remembers EVERY kid's name, and everything about them, and she's sooo patient and happy and AMAZING.  ugh!
Kamryn, Kam is LOVING to cook.  She just spent a whole hour making a fruit salad for everyone today.  Sadly all we had was bananas and apples and yogurt, but she made enough to feed all of us...twice.  She LOVES coloring, drawing and writing in cursive.  And she just started achievement days a few weeks ago and she loves that too.
Jaden, Jado is awesome.  He's definitely my mama's boy.  I love our relationship.  He's a stud.  He's struggling in school right now, but I think that's due to the craziness in our life right now, the neglect he's gotten because of that, and the fact that we had no idea he wasn't turning in his papers until he had straight F's.  Yup.  But he's working over triple time this week and turning in 5-7 extra  home works a day to get all of those up to at least C's before we move. I know he'll do it.  He's a determined guy.  He has been THE STAR in soccer this year.  His team made it to the championship...which is this weekend.  He's decided he wants to play soccer every year from now on.  He's awesome.
Me, I'm pregnant.  Sometimes I get up to work out, clean, cook or change poop, and sometimes, I don't.   I've never been this depressed or fatigued during a pregnancy.  Can't wait til march!
Foxxie.  Foxxie is awesome.  She's the best dog in tihe world.  I hope she never ever dies.  She is however, the reason that we've had a hard time finding a place to rent.  Most places allow pets, but the very first one I wanted, and still dream about, wouldn't let us apply because of her.  ugh!

Chickens....gone :(

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Are you having a boy or just calling it a he? :)