Friday, September 16, 2011

People I owe big time...

Katherine Alexander for taking my kids all the time...especially Boss
Amy for helping out with Kam
Danica for finding me a house
Julie Cochran for bringing me awesome food from her awesome garden
Boston for making me happy everyday
Lu for getting pregnant so I wouldn't be alone in my misery
Mel for keepign up on our Scrabble games that help me avoid my life.
Vicki Palmer for making my house smell like fall
Sisters for taking my kid this last week so he could get his freaky teeth fixed (thanks Uncle sam!!!!)
Tums makers...for the obvious
Dr. Miller for taking those stupid bumps off my head
Dad for keeping cable for me
My bed


dani said...

I want your cinnamon rolls once i'm off this diet. that will be plenty payback.

K Bailey said...

I missed the "bumps" on your face....what was it? I know you got them taken off.....
You're still funny...even if you aren't loving life right now! Ha ha......

Kristal said...

haha, they weren't on my face, they were on my head, under my hair and I've had them for's a heredity thing.....and they'll probably come back, but it's soo nice to not have them for a bit.

Shayna said...

wait dani, I found the home, at least the crappy one they are renting, so share those rolls. thanks