Friday, September 2, 2011

A bad day...

I could tell when after spending the last 2 days packing and cleaning for a few hours each day, I got a phone call from my husband whom I hadn't seen in almost 3 days at 6am saying, "I thought you guys packed more than this...can you load up the kids (that are asleep) and bring them up here so we can work on the house?".  Sure, let me get on that...this morning sickness is cake!

Prepping myself all week for my big head surgery today...I tell J, "I'm scared for today"...his reply, "what's today? Oh yea, it'll be fine".  Awesome.  

The surgery...NOT FINE!  I guess I don't take well to anesthesia, and then they had to give me the kind that doesn't help coterize so I bled like a crazy person.  They were even freaking out about it...I had blood dripping down my face and neck.  And every once in a while I felt major pain so they had to shove more shots in up there.  Luckily I had an awesome dermatologist and he did a fantastic job....but my head is still burning like crazy because I never even take tylenol, so my body sucks with pain killers.

To top the day off, I just had to run back up to my house....and I started crying....A LOT....another family's Uhaul was being unloaded into MY HOUSE!
Oh and welcome to maternity of today!!!
  Can I just sleep for a few years?!

Here is a picture that makes me happy though....
Kam and her cousin Tess at Colorado after filling the hot tub with soap.


Biddle Family said...

this is why i love you! youre amazing and dont even realized it! lets go escape somewhere!

Kristal said...

how the crap do you think I'ma mazing from this post that shows that I can't handle when shiz comes my way?! Are you kidding me?!

But yes, let's have scott and j watch the kids for a weekend before I have this kid.