Monday, September 5, 2011

Things I have to look forward to...

So the last 2 weeks and probably the next 4 weeks suck.  But I have a lot ot look forward to.  When you're at the bottom, it always helps to look up and see what there is.....

Being a 36C again...I'm already up to a 38DD!

A new Mulder!!!!!

Decorating a new house...even though I will never love another house like I did our last, it's always fun to decorate from scratch.

Vacations again!  Our vacations this year have all been pretty local, and all places we've been to, which we swore we wouldn't do, but we could only afford Utah, Cali, and of coarse a trip with the fam that we didn't have to pay a dime. But ic an't wait to explore new places again.  And hopefully go see the Jones family in Va this fall with our free airline ticket!

Being by my sisters and nieces! I'm ALWAYS jealous of all my friends up here that have family to hang out with all the time...and even though my sisters are much much busier, it'll be nice just to live closer and get to go to their kid's stuff and girl's nights.

My mary Kay order coming in.  I know, that's how pathetic I am right now.  But I take 20% off for anyone that orders, and that means it covers their part, plus puts about an extra 5%, and that 5% usually covers my order, or close to.  I LOVe getting new make up!  Even though I hardly ever wear it anymore.

Can't wait to get these stiches out.  That's the closest thing....This Friday! It sucks not being able to brush your hair on the scalp.  I feel gross!  5 more days!

My Ultra sound in October.  Of coarse we want a girl, but either way, I can't wait to find out and start preparing.  A house full of boys and me and my helper/co chef/baker/co mama Kam would be a lot of fun.

NOT being pregnant.  If this list were numbered, this would be #1.  This makes all the crap in my life seem so much worse.  My teeth hurt, my weight is up 20lbs already, I'm tired all day even if I DID sleep well and I smell everything...including whoever is sitting by me in RS or Sunday School....even if they are 2 seats away, if they breath out of their mouth, or even talk, I die!!!!

Moving back to JC.  Testimony meeting was great this week.  One of my favorite friends here bore her testimony about how she used to hate that they moved back to JC, and now she's soo happy whens he comes back to JC from vacations. I feel the same way.  we LOVE to travel, it's what we always save our $$ up for and have always had as a common dream, but when we come back to quiet, dusty ole JC, we know it's home.

Wait wait, there is something before getting the stitches out!  It's peach and pear week...seriously my favorite week of the year.  It tops out the 4th of July and Christmas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this week and the weeks to follow of canning, baking pear bread, peach cobbler, peaches and cream every morning for breakfast, 5 pears a day for Boston and a freezer of frozen peaches for our smoothes for a couple of months. I LOVE THIS WEEK!!!!!!

See, I'm an optimist!

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Burgess said...

I HATED the super sense of smell that comes with pregnancy. I would smell everything!!!

So big boobs aren't all they're cracked up to be?! Keep telling me this so I don't want to get breast implants anymore, please.